Monthly Archives: April 2014

Inflitrating the Orchestra | Banjo Takes Center Stage as Béla Fleck Joins South Carolina Philharmonic

“Lots of the music I’m involved in doesn’t typically have banjo in it. So I thought that was an interesting idea in the classical setting [to] think of the banjo as a rogue who has snuck into the orchestra and tried to fit in, but is found out in the end.”

Free Times | April 30, 2014

Reigning Men | The Men follow their muse — wherever it might lead

“It’s what you do if you’re in a band. You go on tour, you record records, and you don’t really think anything of it. But from the outside, it seems like, ‘Oh my god! You guys are going crazy!’”

Mountain Express | April 30, 2014

We Are Star Children define a new era of adventure pop

“At the end of the day, as heady and as obtuse as some musicians can get, I really like the accessibility of pop music. I can’t get past it. I almost think it’s like physics or something.”

C-Ville | April 30, 2014

For the Record | The Greater Columbia Record Fair Celebrates Music on Every Format

“It’s just cool to have all those different types of records in one big room.”

Free Times | April 25, 2014

The Shape of Jazz to Come | Led by Ken Vandermark, Made to Break Pushes the Free-Music Envelope

“It’s funny, this word jazz. For me, I see jazz as this open methodology and not a stylistic thing. For me, Miles Davis’ electric period, that’s still jazz. It’s just the music’s gone in another direction. Because it needs to.”

Free Times | April 23, 2014

The Curious Case of Kevin Costner | Is Modern West Better Than the Average Celebrity Band?

“People think Waterworld didn’t make any money, either.”

Charleston City Paper | April 16, 2014

Pattern is Movement — Pattern is Movement (Hometapes)

Re-invented and fully assured, Pattern is Movement is a band that can do what it wants.

Dusted | April 9, 2014

Happy Returns | Amos Lee Revisits His Musical Roots

“I was amped up,” he says. “I hit the first note, and my bass fell off. I played the first [song] from the ground because I didn’t have enough time to pick it up.”

Free Times | April 9, 2014

Running on Empty | Yes, Charlotte, Brain F≠ is still a band

photo by Jeff Hahne

“There was a pretty good chance that this could have just fallen apart. And it didn’t.”

Creative Loafing Charlotte | April 2, 2014