Monthly Archives: July 2014

Community Service | The Vivants Pay Homage to San Francisco’s Suprisingly Rich Americana Heritage

“It used to be called the Harlem of the West. And even though I grew up so close to San Francisco, I had no idea there was such rich tradition of jazz and R&B there until I moved there.”

Free Times | July 30, 2014

It Looks Promising | With Charlotte’s indie rock scene on the rise, an energized It Looks Sad draws national attention

“I think we’ve figured out trying is the wrong thing to do.”

Creative Loafing | July 30, 2014

Crash, Boom, Bang | The People’s Blues of Richmond Likes to Smash Things

“We started this band because our best friend took his own life on Christmas Eve five years ago. Me and Tim didn’t know what to do other than sit in a room and cry about it, and then get drunk and make some music. Years later, I’ve realized, you know, People’s Blues of Richmond, it’s not blues music, but it’s the suffering of our people. It sounds weird, because we’re a band that talks about drugs, and we talk about girls and all that stuff.”

Charleston City Paper | July 23, 2014

Long may he reign | Reigning Sound’s Greg Cartwright reflects on a decade in North Carolina

“I think the move to Asheville has been great in so many ways. But it’s also made me really reflective about Memphis music, and the kind of music I grew up listening to and the records I like to look for. Memphis made such a huge imprint on me that it’s something I always try to reflect in the albums.”

Mountain Express | July 23, 2014

Supreme Clientele | Merge’s reissue reinforces the strength of Suburban Light

“When I was 18, I was like, ‘If I don’t leave this place, I’m going to kill myself, if I don’t get out to college or to London or a job or something. So it’s kind of weird to be celebrating it 15 years later. It’s one of life’s ironies, I guess.”

C-Ville | July 23, 2014

Lip Service | Black Lips’ own brand of maturity

“I think we’re better at writing songs. That’s mature. I wrote a bridge in a couple songs. I didn’t even know what one of those was when we started.”

Mountain Xpress | July 16, 2014

Reelin’ in the Years | After Twelve Years, a Relaxed North Elementary 
Hits Its Stride

“We just kind of text each other when we feel like doing something, and then we do it. We’re all friends, and we’re all old people, and so it’s super non-dramatic and fun and chill.”

Free Times | July 16, 2014

Baring All | Bobby Bare Jr. sorts through the uglies on Undefeated

“It’s like going to see a stripper who doesn’t show you the ugly parts, you know? People are there to see the uglies. If you don’t show the uglies, you’re not really coming off of anything. You’re just prancing around.”

Charleston City Paper | July 16, 2014

Second Life | After a debilitating hiatus, Durham’s Bombadil regroups and rebuilds

“Personally, I was given a lot of unexpected free time. Daniel was given a lot of unexpected pain, you know?”

C-Ville | July 10, 2014

Don’t Call It a Comeback | Emo’s New Wave is No Revival

“If you said ‘emo revival’ to a kid who’s probably at this point 17 years old, he’s probably going to think it’s a rehash of classic Fall Out Boy, which is like, naaaaah.

Free Times | July 9, 2014