Monthly Archives: August 2014

Time Out of Mind | Virtuoso guitarist Steve Gunn is bored by selfish songwriting

“I didn’t know, but once I stepped into the Big Sur area, it was no bueno for any kind of service: phone, Internet, anything. It was kind of nice, actually.”

Style Weekly | August 27, 2014

Dead Air | Does it matter that Charlotte doesn’t have a terrestrial college radio station?

“We should have a much more progressive music scene [in Charlotte]. And that has many parents, but one of them is not having college radio.” 

Creative Loafing | August 21, 2014

BIG BAND ROCK | Kansas Bible Company

The Kansas Bible Company’s a big band, all right.

Charleston City Paper | August 21, 2014

CD Review: Shovels and Rope

Last year, people really started freaking out about Shovels and Rope, a spitfire husband-and-wife alt-country duo from Charleston, South Carolina.

Creative Loafing | August 21, 2014

Goin’ Home | After Eight Years in Charleston, Rachel Kate Re-Emigrates to Nashville

“I thought that moving back would be, like, betraying Charleston or something, just because I got so much out of living there for so long and I got so much support and I learned so much. I was, like, ‘Is everyone going to hate me?'”

Free Times | August 20, 2014

Brother, Do You Know the Road? | Hiss Golden Messenger’s M.C. Taylor finds no easy answers, just great songs, on his spiritual odyssey

“There are ways that we figure out to get through the day that may not be objectively truthful, but they’re productive lies. And if we can find ways to live with them, at least for a little while, sometimes we need to.”

Style Weekly | August 13, 2014