Monthly Archives: October 2014

Tag team | Run the Jewels takes chemistry to the next level

“Musically, I feel like I’ve found my soulmate. I’ve tried to explain it a thousand different times and given a thousand different answers. But I think it just comes straight down to—it was just meant, you know?”

C-Ville | October 29, 2014

Flying Lotus — You’re Dead! (Warp)

Unsurprisingly, You’re Dead!, Ellison’s fifth and most ambitious Flying Lotus missive, is a loaded title. It ponders the ineffable inevitable, considering the question central to the basic human experience: What happens after we die?

Dusted | October 29, 2014

Five (or more) questions with The Budos Band

We were thinking, “What would Ozzy Osbourne sing over this track?”

Mountain Xpress | October 25, 2014

Southern Accent | Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires defy Southern rock tropes

“There are as many Souths as there are Southerners. You could ask everybody in our band—we’re all born and raised in Birmingham—what Birmingham is like, and we would all have different responses. And we’re all white, middle-class, straight men. So, you know, asking a middle-aged black lesbian from West Birmingham is going to give you a different answers, and each is just as valid. So I don’t like to speak authoritatively about the South.”

C-Ville | October 24, 2014

Run It Back | Killer Mike and El-P Return as Run the Jewels with Even More Intensity

“This Run the Jewels record, I think it’s still a Run the Jewels record, but there’s a little bit more of that, you know, f#!k-the-system vibe than there was on the first one.”

Free Times | October 22, 2014

The Kid With the Camera Eye | Unusual Exhibition Traces Norman Rockwell’s Works from Camera to Canvas

Rockwell’s art is a thumbprint, singularly identifiable in the landscape of 20th century American art. He was a gifted visual storyteller once nicknamed “The Kid With the Camera Eye,” but his creations did not leap directly from his imagination to the canvas.

Free Times | October 22, 2014

Getting there | Sharon Van Etten shares her personal journey

“I knew my relationship was suffering, but my heart knows I need to perform to feel better. It’s a therapy for me [but] I didn’t realize at the time I was writing about all that.”

C-Ville | October 22, 2014

Steve Gunn — Way Out Weather (Paradise of Bachelors)

Way Out Weather, as a result, is richly layered without being overly dense, delicately detailed but not over-full.

Dusted | October 15, 2014

Double Identity | Sinkane and Helado Negro mine cultural duality for expressive pop music

“When I’m here, in the United States, I’m Latin, because my family’s from Ecuador, so I’m Ecuadorian. When I’m in South America, I’m a gringo, because I was born here. It’s a really flipped-up duality.”

C-Ville | October 9, 2014

Still Shredding | A quarter century on, Superchunk stays vital

“I’m not comparing ourselves to William Faulkner at all. I’m just saying what works, works.”

Free Times | October 8, 2014