Monthly Archives: November 2014

Sturgill Simpson | The Nashville outsider isn’t trying to save country music, but he might anyway

The profiles all begin the same way: Sturgill Simpson is here to save country music.

City Weekly | November 27, 2014

Death From Above 1979 | Canadian punk duo finds life after death

It’s one thing to have people tell you, ‘Oh yeah, you guys were so good, I was a big fan, and blah blah blah.’ That’s nice stuff, but you hear it a lot. And you just wonder, ‘Can I still do that?'”

City Weekly | November 19, 2014

Mountain men | The Kruger Brothers’ music, from the Alps to the Appalachians

“I like the sound of the banjo. For me, mentally, it’s connected to the books of Samuel Clemens. It was a bridge to another world.”

Mountain Xpress | November 19, 2014

CD review: Bo White’s Millennial Tombs

When White sings “There is no room for subtlety,” one can’t help but imagine it’s done with a smirk.

Creative Loafing | November 12, 2014

Home at Last | Free Jazz Great Frode Gjerstad’s Long Journey to His First All-Norwegian Trio

“When he was gone, I said, ‘Let’s jam!’ And the others said, ‘What’s that?’ I explained, ‘We just play what we like.’ And so we did — and it sounded awful, of course!”

Free Times | November 12, 2014

Interview: Spider Bags

“But then my wife came to the studio with my oldest daughter, Dell, and she told me she was pregnant. So I did the math in my head really quick, and I was, like, ‘Holy shit. Holy shit! We need to get this shit done!'”

Free Times | November 10, 2014

RJD2 | Hip-hop producer and musician expands his creative scope by ditching sampling

“If you’re buying a record for the sake of sample fodder, it basically has a single use, and then it’s shot, you know what I mean?”

City Weekly | November 5, 2014