Monthly Archives: December 2014

High and Mighty | Metal Mainstay High on Fire Tests New Material in Columbia

“It’s kind of cool to test it in front of smaller crowds, I guess because there’s maybe not as much at stake if we fall on our faces or if it’s a trainwreck.”

Free Times | December 31, 2014

Live Music: Ex Hex

“I just bought a Rick Springfield T-shirt from the ’80s, and I love it! And I love Joan Jett. I love everything Joan Jett ever did, even if some people think it’s cheesy or whatever. Who cares? It’s what I like.”

Charleston City Paper | December 31, 2014

CD review: Girl Pants’ Gloss; Jupiter

Nominally, Girl Pants is still fundamentally a post-hardcore band, if an acute one. Songs surge with a serrated fury, powered by frantic shouts come and kinetic riffs.

Creative Loafing | December 10, 2014

Interview: Daniel Bachman

“It’s awesome getting into a town and Googling the five record stores and just hitting them all, grabbing a sandwich and just going to the show, you know what I mean?”

Free Times | December 5, 2014