Monthly Archives: January 2015

A Mighty Wind | Avant-Garde Saxophone Quartet Battle Trance Endeavors to Breathe Together

“What’s most important to me is for there to be a real feeling of connection from heart to heart, being in a room with other human beings and having four of those humans using their breath to create sound in the room, to have that experience really give people what they need insofar as that there will hopefully be some kind of heart opening in everyone, myself included, where even for a minute we can remember what it is to feel loved, really.”

Free Times | January 28, 2015

Battle Trance: Four Tenor Sax, One Combined Heart

“Most of us are afraid to look at each other in the eyes for more than a split-second. And [Palace of Wind] is, in a way, through sound, a way to look into everyone’s eyes, and to be inside of something with everyone, making a connection with the eyes, which are, they say, the gateway to the heart.”

Charlotte Viewpoint | January 26, 2015

Boiling Rhythms | Antibalas keeps Afrobeat music working no matter the weather

“Putting chipotle sauce on a hamburger doesn’t make it a taco, nor does it prepare you to like or appreciate Mexican food, per se.”

Style Weekly | January 22, 2015

Mark Kozelek is a human being | Veteran singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek is worth misunderstanding

“If I’m misunderstood, it means that people think I’m worth misunderstanding. And that’s OK with me.”

City Weekly | January 21, 2015

A Different Danger | For ex-Monotonix guitarist Yonatan Gat, improvisation is more exciting than dodging elbows

“We definitely don’t look at ourselves as jazz musicians. But as punk rockers, we can definitely take a lot of their ideas.”

Charleston City Paper | January 21, 2015

Homeboy Sandman | NYC rapper keeps it real by staying true to himself

“I’m definitely not a brand at all. Tide is a brand. I’m a person. I change and I grow.”

City Weekly | January 15, 2014

Subliminal Messages | DJ Spooky Remixes the Troublesome Birth of a Nation into Cutting Contemporary Commentary

“So much of our culture is about reducing things to a simple formula. The things that I focus on try to push a much more complex picture. If it’s simple, you really, really need to look at it again.”

Free Times | January 14, 2015

Reliably Shifty | After More Than a Decade, Kayo Dot Still Follows No Logic But Its Own

“They said, ‘Don’t worry about bumming out Kayo Dot fans. They expect you to change all the time, anyway.’”

Free Times | January 7, 2015