Monthly Archives: November 2017

Natural One | Asheville Guitarist Sarah Louise Draws on Everything for Inspiration — But Especially Nature


“I think the Appalachian landscape just creeps in, and I also think that it’s nice if the music leaves space for whatever sounds might be in someone’s soundscape. If I’m ever listening to my own music — as a way of thinking about mixing or composition — and I hear a bird or cicadas or wind, to me, those sounds always enhance what’s already there.”

Free Times | November 29, 2017

Slow Going | Avant-Rock Virtuoso Shane Parish Offers Radical Meditations on Traditional Folk Songs


“I still like to have an edge. I don’t want to get too good, you know?”

Free Times | November 8, 2017

Body of Evidence | With the Evidence Dance Company, Ronald K. Brown Tells Stories Through Movement


“In my small way, I am putting it in the universe that we are going to create a space for what is right in the world.”

Free Times | November 1, 2017