Monthly Archives: February 2018

Jake Xerxes Fussell Finds Contemporary Truths in the Hidden Gems of Folk Music


“I didn’t grow up in rural America learning folk songs from my great-grandmother. I have to be transparent about the fact that I am part of this through an intellectual tradition, I guess, if I’m part of any tradition.”

Free Times | February 28, 2018

Send in the Clones | Tribute Bands Thrive in Tertiary Music Markets Like Columbia. Why?


“Everybody wants to be in front of a crowd and be paid well. That wasn’t happening for their cover bands or original acts 10 years ago. And all of a sudden, you figure out that with tributes, you get to play in front of a crowd instead of in front of your girlfriend and her girlfriends.”

Free Times | February 21, 2018

Combat Rock | Superchunk Rages Against the Machine on “What a Time to Be Alive” While Keeping Things Positive


“It’s not a record that’s just resigned to, ‘Oh well, I guess we’re fucked,’ you know? That would be a bummer.”

Style Weekly | February 14, 2018

Memory Man | With Marker, Ken Vandermark Synthesizes Sounds to Manipulate Memory


“It’s like gravity in architecture. You can make a building, but you gotta deal with gravity.”

Free Times | February 1, 2018