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Mazurek’s Black Cube São Paulo | A Spiritual Quest

“Every time I pick up the cornet or write, compose or play now, I really feel that she’s there, surrounding the situation.”

Charlotte Viewpoint | April 17, 2015

New Frequencies Finds a Home at McColl Center

“I’ve always felt like — and everyone who does this sort of grassroots promotion has always felt like — what the scene needs to gain traction is a home base, a home base people know they can go to if they’re looking for something cool. Something to collect the energy.”

Charlotte Viewpoint | February 27, 2015

Battle Trance: Four Tenor Sax, One Combined Heart

“Most of us are afraid to look at each other in the eyes for more than a split-second. And [Palace of Wind] is, in a way, through sound, a way to look into everyone’s eyes, and to be inside of something with everyone, making a connection with the eyes, which are, they say, the gateway to the heart.”

Charlotte Viewpoint | January 26, 2015