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CD review: Girl Pants’ Gloss; Jupiter

Nominally, Girl Pants is still fundamentally a post-hardcore band, if an acute one. Songs surge with a serrated fury, powered by frantic shouts come and kinetic riffs.

Creative Loafing | December 10, 2014

CD review: Bo White’s Millennial Tombs

When White sings “There is no room for subtlety,” one can’t help but imagine it’s done with a smirk.

Creative Loafing | November 12, 2014

Conversations at the 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival


“I think I’m tired beyond the capability of rational thought at this point.”

Creative Loafing | September 9, 2014

Dead Air | Does it matter that Charlotte doesn’t have a terrestrial college radio station?

“We should have a much more progressive music scene [in Charlotte]. And that has many parents, but one of them is not having college radio.” 

Creative Loafing | August 21, 2014

CD Review: Shovels and Rope

Last year, people really started freaking out about Shovels and Rope, a spitfire husband-and-wife alt-country duo from Charleston, South Carolina.

Creative Loafing | August 21, 2014

It Looks Promising | With Charlotte’s indie rock scene on the rise, an energized It Looks Sad draws national attention

“I think we’ve figured out trying is the wrong thing to do.”

Creative Loafing | July 30, 2014

There goes Xiu Xiu’s neighborhood | Communities dull to dangerous inspired band’s Angel Guts: Red Classroom

“It’s hard to really quantify it other than to say, ‘a lot.’ A number of other things were happening at the time as well, but being in a place as environmentally stressful made those other stresses that much more acute. It was a fascinating but dreadful place.”

Creative Loafing | June 25, 2014

CD Review: Swans’ To Be Kind (Young God; Release Date: May 12, 2014)

Ecstasy has two definitions.

Creative Loafing | June 18, 2014

Zef ’til Def | Die Antwoord’s Dark, Twisted Fantasies

“It’s, like, is this fucking terrible, like fucking retardedly the worst thing ever or the most amazing thing in the entire universe?”

Creative Loafing | June 12, 2014

Live review: Jack White, The Fillmore (6/5/2014)

photo by Jeff Hahne

If White does indeed feed off his audience, Thursday’s sold-out crowd gave him plenty to draw from.

Creative Loafing | June 6, 2014