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Ghost Trees — The New Gravity (Future Recordings)

The best jazz duos thrive on familiarity, when their component players have finely honed their instinctual rapport into a psychic lingua franca that, by process, leads to alchemically conversational works.

Dusted | May 1, 2015

The Sonics — This is The Sonics (Revox)

Once years ahead of their time, The Sonics now sound just a bit antiquated.

Dusted | April 9, 2015

feedtime — “flatiron” b/w “stick up jack” (Sub Pop)

In short: It sounds like feedtime, and it sounds like the intervening decades did nothing to dull the trio’s primal power.

Dusted | February 12, 2015

Flying Lotus — You’re Dead! (Warp)

Unsurprisingly, You’re Dead!, Ellison’s fifth and most ambitious Flying Lotus missive, is a loaded title. It ponders the ineffable inevitable, considering the question central to the basic human experience: What happens after we die?

Dusted | October 29, 2014

Steve Gunn — Way Out Weather (Paradise of Bachelors)

Way Out Weather, as a result, is richly layered without being overly dense, delicately detailed but not over-full.

Dusted | October 15, 2014

Young Widows — Easy Pain (Temporary Residence Ltd.)

I got into an argument at a bar several years ago with a casual acquaintance with whom I used to bicker about music back in our days at our university’s college radio station. We were bickering over which Young Widows was better.

Dusted | June 23, 2014

Ryley Walker — All Kinds of You (Tompkins Square)

Let’s see if I can’t get through this review without mentioning Nick Drake.

Dusted | May 22, 2014

Glenn Jones — Welcomed Wherever I Go (Thrill Jockey)

Glenn Jones’ Record Store Day shortie, the live-and-rarities odds-and-sods collection Welcomed Wherever I Go, ended up on the ‘Bay, too. And, fairly or unfairly, it has to be judged accordingly.

Dusted | May 2, 2014

Pattern is Movement — Pattern is Movement (Hometapes)

Re-invented and fully assured, Pattern is Movement is a band that can do what it wants.

Dusted | April 9, 2014

CD Review: Pontiak, Innocence

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 1.26.11 AM

Dusted | January 28, 2014