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How Athens’ Dan Nettles turned intense grief into Kenosha Kid’s sharpest album


“I was writing to stay alive, more or less.”

Free Times | January 22, 2020

Chicago improvisers Tim Daisy and Dave Rempis reflect on two decades of performing in Columbia


“I’ve been doing this music for so many years that I sometimes feel like, ‘Why am I still trying to do this?’ And then you go to a city like Columbia and there’s a huge audience and they really respond and it reinforces like your decision to try to do this, to make creative music. It’s like, wow, this actually does matter.”

Free Times | October 16, 2019

Percussionist Booker Stardrum Relies on Intuition to Manipulate Time and Perception


“I don’t find myself thinking about how I’m going to manipulate the rhythm to coax out some sort of emotional endpoint. It’s all pretty intuitive. I’m just sort of improvising, in my way. It’s kind of hard to intellectualize because it’s not really about that. It all feels very natural.” 

Free Times | August 28, 2019

Despite Distance and Other Commitments, Free Music Trio Boneshaker Thrives on Rapport


“We could laugh while we’re playing. Somebody does something or whatever, and we could laugh. We could look at each other and be smiling, instead of being so serious.”

Free Times | March 27, 2019

To kickstart Squirrel Nut Zippers’ second act, Jimbo Mathus went back to the place that defined its first one


“I started the band in the first place, so I’m the one who can call any band Squirrel Nut Zippers. I’m the only one.”

Charleston City Paper | September 26, 2018

Signal to Noise: Amplify Columbia Wants to Create a Cultural Plan for the City. What Does That Mean?



“They were focused on that little box where if you get in the box you can become part of the arts scene. This is about all the people who aren’t in the box. Equity, diversity, inclusion, all those buzzwords that people pay lip service to but never really seem to figure out — we’re going to figure it out.”

Free Times | July 4, 2018

Jake Xerxes Fussell Finds Contemporary Truths in the Hidden Gems of Folk Music


“I didn’t grow up in rural America learning folk songs from my great-grandmother. I have to be transparent about the fact that I am part of this through an intellectual tradition, I guess, if I’m part of any tradition.”

Free Times | February 28, 2018

Fangs Out | As Bat Fangs, Betsy Wright and Laura King Outstrip Their Parentheticals


“Like, what does even mean? That you’re embarrassed or too cool to admit that you liked this thing when you were seven? No way. I liked Bon Jovi. I was seven! Like, millions of people like Taylor Swift. You’re not the only one.”

Indy Week | January 31, 2018

Natural One | Asheville Guitarist Sarah Louise Draws on Everything for Inspiration — But Especially Nature


“I think the Appalachian landscape just creeps in, and I also think that it’s nice if the music leaves space for whatever sounds might be in someone’s soundscape. If I’m ever listening to my own music — as a way of thinking about mixing or composition — and I hear a bird or cicadas or wind, to me, those sounds always enhance what’s already there.”

Free Times | November 29, 2017

Slow Going | Avant-Rock Virtuoso Shane Parish Offers Radical Meditations on Traditional Folk Songs


“I still like to have an edge. I don’t want to get too good, you know?”

Free Times | November 8, 2017