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To kickstart Squirrel Nut Zippers’ second act, Jimbo Mathus went back to the place that defined its first one


“I started the band in the first place, so I’m the one who can call any band Squirrel Nut Zippers. I’m the only one.”

Charleston City Paper | September 26, 2018

More Fun | Thirty-five years on, They Might Be Giants keep the good (and bad) times rolling


“I know people often look to our music to cheer them up. I understand that this is probably the last thing they want to hear from us.”

Charleston City Paper | January 17, 2018

Ultimate Fakebook | For Yo La Tengo, everything’s open to interpretation


“I don’t think I’ve ever been in a moment in my life when I couldn’t complain.”

Charleston City Paper | March 30, 2016

Fingerpickin’ Good | Leo Kottke is still enamored with the guitar after all these years

“I knew if I stopped that, it’d never start again,” Kottke says. “And it was an easy decision to make, because I can’t do anything else.”

Charleston City Paper | April 29, 2015

Future Perfect | Future Islands’ Sam Herring talks about Letterman, chest-beating sincerity, and what’s next

“A lot of people have asked, ‘What’s it like to finally find success after David Letterman?’ And people ask us, ‘What’s it like to finally be selling out shows?’ And it’s like, ‘We’ve been selling out shows for years!’ And we laugh at it, because we’ve been pretty successful for three or four years.”

Charleston City Paper | April 8, 2015

All Hail the Glow Cloud | Popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale comes alive — on and off the stage

“There’s something really comforting about the idea that life is weird,” says Cranor. “People love that thing where there’s a town where just quirky things happen. It’s a relatable thing, and it allows us to feel justified in living in maybe small, backward kind of cities.”

Charleston City Paper | March 25, 2015

For the Sake of the Song | Radney Foster’s search for truth starts deep in the heart of Texas

“I said, ‘It’s a word that’s just used to make someone feel small and feel bad. It’s about a woman’s sexuality, and you can ask your mama more about that stuff.”

Charleston City Paper | March 4, 2015

Immigrant Songs | Gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello makes music that crosses borders

“There’s not this compartmentalized vision of styles and cultures, like it’s ingredients for a cake. It’s never been like that. I don’t write music that way. That’s a very cynical way to make music.

Charleston City Paper | February 25, 2015

Unorthodox Explorations | How Colorado inspires Yonder Mountain String Band’s musical adventures

“I think the inner light of what makes a band is going to be influenced by its environment. It might have more to do with where you’re located than you want to acknowledge.”

Charleston City Paper | February 11, 2015

A Different Danger | For ex-Monotonix guitarist Yonatan Gat, improvisation is more exciting than dodging elbows

“We definitely don’t look at ourselves as jazz musicians. But as punk rockers, we can definitely take a lot of their ideas.”

Charleston City Paper | January 21, 2015