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Despite Distance and Other Commitments, Free Music Trio Boneshaker Thrives on Rapport


“We could laugh while we’re playing. Somebody does something or whatever, and we could laugh. We could look at each other and be smiling, instead of being so serious.”

Free Times | March 27, 2019

Memory Man | With Marker, Ken Vandermark Synthesizes Sounds to Manipulate Memory


“It’s like gravity in architecture. You can make a building, but you gotta deal with gravity.”

Free Times | February 1, 2018

Ghost Trees — The New Gravity (Future Recordings)

The best jazz duos thrive on familiarity, when their component players have finely honed their instinctual rapport into a psychic lingua franca that, by process, leads to alchemically conversational works.

Dusted | May 1, 2015

Home at Last | Free Jazz Great Frode Gjerstad’s Long Journey to His First All-Norwegian Trio

“When he was gone, I said, ‘Let’s jam!’ And the others said, ‘What’s that?’ I explained, ‘We just play what we like.’ And so we did — and it sounded awful, of course!”

Free Times | November 12, 2014

Both Ends Burning | Transatlantic Free-Jazz Trio Ballister Thrives on Energy

“This band doesn’t have a typical set, exactly. But [the set in Vienna] just seemed kind of different from the type of stuff that we’ve done before. As ravaged as we all felt that night, the music felt really good.”

Free Times | March 26, 2014