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Despite Distance and Other Commitments, Free Music Trio Boneshaker Thrives on Rapport


“We could laugh while we’re playing. Somebody does something or whatever, and we could laugh. We could look at each other and be smiling, instead of being so serious.”

Free Times | March 27, 2019

Signal to Noise: Amplify Columbia Wants to Create a Cultural Plan for the City. What Does That Mean?



“They were focused on that little box where if you get in the box you can become part of the arts scene. This is about all the people who aren’t in the box. Equity, diversity, inclusion, all those buzzwords that people pay lip service to but never really seem to figure out — we’re going to figure it out.”

Free Times | July 4, 2018

In Digging Deep Within Himself and His City, Questing Guitarist Ryley Walker Finally Found His Voice


“I’m an artist, for God’s sakes. I’ve always been super sensitive and insecure about everything, so that causes a lot of self-examination.”

Free Times | May 2, 2018

Jake Xerxes Fussell Finds Contemporary Truths in the Hidden Gems of Folk Music


“I didn’t grow up in rural America learning folk songs from my great-grandmother. I have to be transparent about the fact that I am part of this through an intellectual tradition, I guess, if I’m part of any tradition.”

Free Times | February 28, 2018

Send in the Clones | Tribute Bands Thrive in Tertiary Music Markets Like Columbia. Why?


“Everybody wants to be in front of a crowd and be paid well. That wasn’t happening for their cover bands or original acts 10 years ago. And all of a sudden, you figure out that with tributes, you get to play in front of a crowd instead of in front of your girlfriend and her girlfriends.”

Free Times | February 21, 2018

Memory Man | With Marker, Ken Vandermark Synthesizes Sounds to Manipulate Memory


“It’s like gravity in architecture. You can make a building, but you gotta deal with gravity.”

Free Times | February 1, 2018

Natural One | Asheville Guitarist Sarah Louise Draws on Everything for Inspiration — But Especially Nature


“I think the Appalachian landscape just creeps in, and I also think that it’s nice if the music leaves space for whatever sounds might be in someone’s soundscape. If I’m ever listening to my own music — as a way of thinking about mixing or composition — and I hear a bird or cicadas or wind, to me, those sounds always enhance what’s already there.”

Free Times | November 29, 2017

Slow Going | Avant-Rock Virtuoso Shane Parish Offers Radical Meditations on Traditional Folk Songs


“I still like to have an edge. I don’t want to get too good, you know?”

Free Times | November 8, 2017

Marisa Anderson — Into the Light


The thing about American Primitive guitar music is that it’s actually quite advanced.

Free Times | July 1, 2016

Purple Game, Purple Game | The Columbia Fireflies Are Honoring Prince. Really?


The night Prince died, Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez used a different Prince song as walk-up music in each of his at-bats. (In order: “Erotic City”; “Kiss”; “Pop Life”; “Alphabet Street.” He went 0-for-2 with two walks, and the Yankees lost.)

Free Times | June 8, 2016