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In Digging Deep Within Himself and His City, Questing Guitarist Ryley Walker Finally Found His Voice


“I’m an artist, for God’s sakes. I’ve always been super sensitive and insecure about everything, so that causes a lot of self-examination.”

Free Times | May 2, 2018

Combat Rock | Superchunk Rages Against the Machine on “What a Time to Be Alive” While Keeping Things Positive


“It’s not a record that’s just resigned to, ‘Oh well, I guess we’re fucked,’ you know? That would be a bummer.”

Style Weekly | February 14, 2018

Ultimate Fakebook | For Yo La Tengo, everything’s open to interpretation


“I don’t think I’ve ever been in a moment in my life when I couldn’t complain.”

Charleston City Paper | March 30, 2016

Can’t Kids / Schooner — Split 7” (Sit-n-Spin)

Both Columbia’s Can’t Kids and Durham, North Carolina’s Schooner augment intuitive song structures with unexpected textures.

Free Times | May 27, 2015

Love of the game | The Baseball Project takes rock out to the ball game

“They’re not going to play ‘Ted Fucking Williams’ at Fenway Park. A lot of our songs disqualify themselves rather quickly.”

C-Ville | May 8, 2015

Future Perfect | Future Islands’ Sam Herring talks about Letterman, chest-beating sincerity, and what’s next

“A lot of people have asked, ‘What’s it like to finally find success after David Letterman?’ And people ask us, ‘What’s it like to finally be selling out shows?’ And it’s like, ‘We’ve been selling out shows for years!’ And we laugh at it, because we’ve been pretty successful for three or four years.”

Charleston City Paper | April 8, 2015

Reelin’ in the Years | After Twelve Years, a Relaxed North Elementary 
Hits Its Stride

“We just kind of text each other when we feel like doing something, and then we do it. We’re all friends, and we’re all old people, and so it’s super non-dramatic and fun and chill.”

Free Times | July 16, 2014

Reigning Men | The Men follow their muse — wherever it might lead

“It’s what you do if you’re in a band. You go on tour, you record records, and you don’t really think anything of it. But from the outside, it seems like, ‘Oh my god! You guys are going crazy!’”

Mountain Express | April 30, 2014

Infinity and Beyond | By Staying True to Itself, Minus the Bear is Just the Indie Rock Band to Elevate St. Pat’s

photo by Sean Rayford

“It’s crazy to think we’re in our second decade already,” Murchy says. “We’ve grown a lot together, and we’ve grown up a lot together. We’re lucky that we all still like each other and that we all still want to crawl into a van and drive to shows together.”

Free Times | March 12, 2014

Does Surfer Blood’s Singer’s Checkered Record Affect His Records? Should It?

It’s worth reiterating that Pitts pleaded not guilty, was never charged with a crime, and, by all accounts, has cleared his name. It’s also worth noting that Pitts isn’t on an island — the annals of pop music’s history are full of flawed characters with pockmarked personal histories.

Free Times | February 19, 2014