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Fucked Up Dives Headfirst Into a New Chapter of Its Labyrinthine Mythology on Dose Your Dreams

“The work I did when I was a kid was to change the world in a real way, and now it’s just sort of like, ‘Ugh.'”

Indy Week | November 7, 2018

Fangs Out | As Bat Fangs, Betsy Wright and Laura King Outstrip Their Parentheticals


“Like, what does even mean? That you’re embarrassed or too cool to admit that you liked this thing when you were seven? No way. I liked Bon Jovi. I was seven! Like, millions of people like Taylor Swift. You’re not the only one.”

Indy Week | January 31, 2018

Abandoning Eden | An Interview With Pop. 1280, the Brooklyn Industrial Punks With the Grim Outlook


“It’s impossible to look at the moon landing and not think, ‘What the fuck are we doing?'”

Indy Week | February 17, 2016


Sweet Home Sounds | Talking to two ‘bama exports, St. Paul and the Broken Bones and Alabama Shakes

My wife was like, “How come you can dance like that on stage, but you won’t dance with me?”

Indy Week | June 3, 2015

Daniel Bachman — River (Three Lobed Recordings)

A few months after the release of last year’s Orange Co. Serenade, the guitarist Daniel Bachman told South Carolina alt-weekly Free Times he wished he could erase some of his earliest recordings. He was playing too fast because he’d lacked the confidence to play slowly and emotionally enough to “pull some guts” out of his instrument, as his late mentor Jack Rose had.

Indy Week | May 6, 2015