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Fucked Up Dives Headfirst Into a New Chapter of Its Labyrinthine Mythology on Dose Your Dreams

“The work I did when I was a kid was to change the world in a real way, and now it’s just sort of like, ‘Ugh.'”

Indy Week | November 7, 2018

Hot takes: Tom Maxwell discusses the Squirrel Nut Zippers’ surprising hit record

“When we went out into the world, people were like, ‘What the fuck are you?’ They didn’t know Fats Waller. They didn’t know any of that shit, and they weren’t interested in schooling themselves on it. And then the jazz people were like, ‘You can’t play in tune. You are not an obvious rung on this ladder of linear musical progress to which we’ve subscribed for 50 years. You really need to go the fuck away.’ I actually thought, ‘If the rock people hate us and the jazz people hate us, then we seriously must be doing something right.'”

Indy Week | December 15, 2015

Sweet Home Sounds | Talking to two ‘bama exports, St. Paul and the Broken Bones and Alabama Shakes

My wife was like, “How come you can dance like that on stage, but you won’t dance with me?”

Indy Week | June 3, 2015

It’s About Time | Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics let their sweet soul simmer

“[We’re] a group of very picky individuals. And we know what we like when we hear it, and these things just take some time to develop.”

Mountain Xpress | June 1, 2015

Can’t Kids / Schooner — Split 7” (Sit-n-Spin)

Both Columbia’s Can’t Kids and Durham, North Carolina’s Schooner augment intuitive song structures with unexpected textures.

Free Times | May 27, 2015

Daniel Bachman — River (Three Lobed Recordings)

A few months after the release of last year’s Orange Co. Serenade, the guitarist Daniel Bachman told South Carolina alt-weekly Free Times he wished he could erase some of his earliest recordings. He was playing too fast because he’d lacked the confidence to play slowly and emotionally enough to “pull some guts” out of his instrument, as his late mentor Jack Rose had.

Indy Week | May 6, 2015

Ghost Trees — The New Gravity (Future Recordings)

The best jazz duos thrive on familiarity, when their component players have finely honed their instinctual rapport into a psychic lingua franca that, by process, leads to alchemically conversational works.

Dusted | May 1, 2015

Mac McCaughan — Non-Believers (Merge)

The “’82 Honda getting all its tapes stolen” during “Your Hologram,” the rows of duplex houses with trimmed hedges during “Lost Again,” the black dog that waits by the mailbox during “Our Way Free”: Non-Believers is too rife with frayed, specific details to be incidental.

Indy Week | April 29, 2015

Mazurek’s Black Cube São Paulo | A Spiritual Quest

“Every time I pick up the cornet or write, compose or play now, I really feel that she’s there, surrounding the situation.”

Charlotte Viewpoint | April 17, 2015

Jake Xerxes Fussell — self-titeld (Paradise of Bachelors)

Fussell’s debut—assured, eloquent, great—feels like a meditation upon a continuum of circumstances, like building a new fence from old stones.

Indy Week | April 1, 2015