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With a Familiar Rhythm Section at Its Core, The Messthetics Reinvent the Power Trio


“Brendan is Brendan, and I know him really well as a musician, so that aspect is the same. But of course, it’s completely different, because it is so not Fugazi. And it’s not going to be.”

Style Weekly | May 9, 2018

Combat Rock | Superchunk Rages Against the Machine on “What a Time to Be Alive” While Keeping Things Positive


“It’s not a record that’s just resigned to, ‘Oh well, I guess we’re fucked,’ you know? That would be a bummer.”

Style Weekly | February 14, 2018

Daddy Issues | Sometimes a song about a boner is just a song about a boner

“We’re feminist women who write about what we like or what we think is funny.”

INDYWeek | March 4, 2015

Director’s Cut | Monotonix guitarist Yonatan Gat trades wild shows for wilder improv

“The idea is to forget about the fact that you exist—to not exist while you’re playing music.”

C-Ville | March 3, 2015

Death From Above 1979 | Canadian punk duo finds life after death

It’s one thing to have people tell you, ‘Oh yeah, you guys were so good, I was a big fan, and blah blah blah.’ That’s nice stuff, but you hear it a lot. And you just wonder, ‘Can I still do that?'”

City Weekly | November 19, 2014

Dead Air | Does it matter that Charlotte doesn’t have a terrestrial college radio station?

“We should have a much more progressive music scene [in Charlotte]. And that has many parents, but one of them is not having college radio.” 

Creative Loafing | August 21, 2014

Lip Service | Black Lips’ own brand of maturity

“I think we’re better at writing songs. That’s mature. I wrote a bridge in a couple songs. I didn’t even know what one of those was when we started.”

Mountain Xpress | July 16, 2014

Punked Up | Incendiary Canadian band Fucked Up reconnects with its roots and surveys time

“I was super surprised at how close the lyric themes were … because it wasn’t really talked about. I learned more about Mike from these lyrics than I had in the past 10 years of touring with him.”

Style Weekly | July 2, 2014

CD Review: Young and In the Way’s When Life Comes to Death (Deathwish, Inc.; Release date: May 27, 2014)

Speed, rage and amp-melting distortion aren’t new weapons for Young and in the Way, but here they’re honed to an edge as lethal as the blade on the album cover.

Creative Loafing | June 5, 2014

Running on Empty | Yes, Charlotte, Brain F≠ is still a band

photo by Jeff Hahne

“There was a pretty good chance that this could have just fallen apart. And it didn’t.”

Creative Loafing Charlotte | April 2, 2014