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With a Familiar Rhythm Section at Its Core, The Messthetics Reinvent the Power Trio


“Brendan is Brendan, and I know him really well as a musician, so that aspect is the same. But of course, it’s completely different, because it is so not Fugazi. And it’s not going to be.”

Style Weekly | May 9, 2018

Combat Rock | Superchunk Rages Against the Machine on “What a Time to Be Alive” While Keeping Things Positive


“It’s not a record that’s just resigned to, ‘Oh well, I guess we’re fucked,’ you know? That would be a bummer.”

Style Weekly | February 14, 2018

Boiling Rhythms | Antibalas keeps Afrobeat music working no matter the weather

“Putting chipotle sauce on a hamburger doesn’t make it a taco, nor does it prepare you to like or appreciate Mexican food, per se.”

Style Weekly | January 22, 2015

Time Out of Mind | Virtuoso guitarist Steve Gunn is bored by selfish songwriting

“I didn’t know, but once I stepped into the Big Sur area, it was no bueno for any kind of service: phone, Internet, anything. It was kind of nice, actually.”

Style Weekly | August 27, 2014

Brother, Do You Know the Road? | Hiss Golden Messenger’s M.C. Taylor finds no easy answers, just great songs, on his spiritual odyssey

“There are ways that we figure out to get through the day that may not be objectively truthful, but they’re productive lies. And if we can find ways to live with them, at least for a little while, sometimes we need to.”

Style Weekly | August 13, 2014

Punked Up | Incendiary Canadian band Fucked Up reconnects with its roots and surveys time

“I was super surprised at how close the lyric themes were … because it wasn’t really talked about. I learned more about Mike from these lyrics than I had in the past 10 years of touring with him.”

Style Weekly | July 2, 2014

Sweet Home Alabama | St. Paul and the Broken Bones revive the Muscle Shoals soul

“You have to have a singer, you know? Otherwise, you’re just going to be in a crappy, white-boy soul band. And I never wanted to be in that.”

Style Weekly | June 18, 2014